How to Clean Your Flat Screen: Avoiding the Digital Mess

In the digital age, flat screen TV, smartphone, and tablet technology reigns supreme and plays a central role in our lives. We invest in these items with the intention that they will efficiently aid in the demands of daily life and provide some leisure experience along the way. A phone or a tablet is an expense paid with the mindset that you will hold onto it for some time, for a few years of reliable service to come. So you’ve invested, and you take good and proper care of your technology—what’s next?  

Clean Flat Screen TV

Life is messy.

Life comes with spills and greasy fingers and unexpected dirt. When your flat screen device is around, that can be problematic. Maintaining a well-functioning device involves keeping it clean and giving it the special attention needed to ensure that it runs at the highest level of quality promised by the provider. Any screen with an LCD display, touch screen, or LED backlight—aka your iPhone, laptop, tablet, and eReader—requires the kind of attention when cleaning that will ensure it does not become damaged.

Screens are no longer glass, many are glass with a sensitive plasma screen with an anti-glare protective coating, an innovation that has provided us with the pristine quality of picture that we receive today. They cannot be cleaned in the way an old television set, window, or mirror would be. In order to keep a clean screen without causing it unnecessary damage, a mistake that might involve having to upgrade your device long before it’s due, you need to devote time, and you need a product that will keep your device clean and well protected.

While an extensive search through online retailers or the attempt of a home devised cleaning technique may prove productive in cleaning your flat screen, the time and risk aren’t necessary. Wireless Wipes are made precisely for the purpose of cleaning the bacteria and fingerprints that accumulate on the surface of a device without posing the threat of scratching up your brand new LCD flat screen television. As easy as it is for these displays to be damaged during cleaning, avoiding that damage is just as easy.

Clean Flat Screen TV 

How to Clean a Flat Screen

1. Step away from the Windex.

Skip the search on Amazon for what might be the most promising brand of microfiber cloths or dry erasers. The first step in cleaning your flat screen is figuring out what exactly can clean it before jumping to the inevitable and not-so-careful method of paper towels and Windex (that can cause corrosion). You need a product that promises to dry quickly and leave no moisture damage. Wireless Wipes take care of this with ease. The mess inflicted on a flat screen by water or liquid damage can cost way more than it’s worth—if the liquid drips to the bottom of the screen and finds its way in between the screen and the plastic that keeps it protected, the beautiful display promised when you bought the product will be no more.

how to clean a flat screen tv

2. Do not apply pressure.

Now you’ve started to clean your screen and the smudges won’t budge. What do you do? Our ingrained cleaning habits from the days before flat-screens and from ordinary household chores tell us that if we really try, we can wipe those smudges and fingerprints away. That, however, is far from the case with an LCD screen — these screens are sensitive, and applying more pressure to the screen will simply result in burnt out pixels or a scratched screen. Although your TV may survive the damage, fixing it is beyond the means of at-home-repair. If your screen is scratched you’ll still be able to use it, but most products promising to fix the scratch won’t help.

3. Use the right product.

The best way to prevent cleaning related damage to your screen is to start off with a simple cleaning product that doesn’t pose any of these threats. It’s not just about your own determination to remove the smudges from the surface, but also about what you choose to remove them with. It’s important to choose a wipe that is designed specifically designed to clean LCD flat-screen displays. These products are also created with the goal of sanitizing and removing potentially harmful germs that settle on all different screens in mind. With the amount of time we devote to using our devices, in sickness and in health, you are only adding to your investment by keeping them clean.

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4. Clean regularly.

What are your aims in cleaning your flat screen? Maintaining a clear display is one. Another? Ridding the surface of germs. A primary goal in cleaning the display of your mobile phone, flat-screen, e-reader, and tablet, is beating those germs. Some products, such as generic microfiber cloths, lack the same sanitization abilities that wireless wipes have. While it may seem just as productive to use a dry cloth in order to protect your device from the damage done by liquid cleaners, you may want to opt for something more powerful. Mobile phones and other flat screen products that are often touched have been said to contain more bacteria than other traditionally germ-covered surfaces that need regular cleaning (e.g. toilet seats). With the central role that technology plays in our lives, cleaning it properly and regularly is important.

The carefully designed alcohol based sanitizer in Wireless Wipes can save you from the mess of germs and bacteria that settle on your flat-screen surface. The liquid in these wipes, as opposed to other products you’ve browsed or considered, dries quickly without the danger of streaking or corroding the screen.  

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5. Enjoy a cleaner, healthier device.

Cleaning your LCD flat-screen TV, or any of your other devices with similar technology, requires care. We use these products regularly, for business and pleasure. Life is unexpected and often messy—but you and your device needn’t suffer. In order to have the clean and high quality flat-screen you invested in, all you need is the right kind of cleaner to help you avoid the easily made mistakes that can damage your product in the blink of an eye. Make a regular job of cleaning your flat screen, and avoid the digital mess.