How To Clean A Cell Phone

There’s a lot of information online about how to clean your cell phone. But when you have a product as beloved as a smartphone, it’s important to ensure you get the right information in order to properly take care of your equipment. Plus, when you use it so many times in a day, you rely on it to stay in good condition.


Your Cell Phone is Dirty

How often do you touch your phone? How often do you put it on your face? Would you touch your face without washing your hands? Well, then why would you touch your cell phone to your face without cleaning it? Do you have any idea how dirty your cell phone really is? 

Okay, enough with the questions. Let’s get some answers. Your phone is dirty. Like, really, really dirty. The average cell phone contains over 25,000 germs per square inch. That’s more than your toilet seat (1200 bacteria per square inch), your kitchen counter (1700 bacteria per square inch), your pet’s food bowl (2100 bacteria per square inch), a public checkout touch screen (4500 bacteria per square inch), and your doorknob (8600 bacteria per square inch). COMBINED.

man eating noodles while reading on cell phone

Proceed with Caution

Make sure you have the right information before you clean your cell phone. There’s a lot of information floating around on the internet, but not all of it comes from expert sources. 

Common knowledge is to use a microfiber cloth. Sometimes cell phones even come with them. But a microfiber cloth doesn’t actually clean your smartphone. The dry cloth isn’t powerful enough to rid your phone of bacteria, it simply wipes off the top layer of visible oil and dirt.

Some articles talk about using common cleaning liquids. Not only can this be bad based on the cleaner used, but you must take a lot of care to ensure your phone doesn’t get wet. Liquid can seep into places on your cell phone that will damage its most basic functions. That would be a costly mistake that most phone companies do not insure for. 

Don’t Use Cleaners

We’ve seen too many articles that talk about how many household cleaners you can use on your phone. Don’t do it! Household cleaning products can be abrasive to your phone’s expensive touch screen to the point that it can be rendered useless. It may not happen the first time, but it can degrade the materials over time with extended use. Plus, do you really want to put harsh chemicals on a device you touch your face with for so many hours a day? That might be worse for you than the bacteria that’s been building up on your phone for so long.

woman texting with cell phone outside

Be Gentle

When you clean your phone the right way, you don’t need to apply much pressure or scrub hard. In fact, you shouldn’t do these things because they can also be harmful to your delicate touch screen device. Unlike scrubbing your kitchen floor, your phone should be gently wiped. Touch screens are sensitive to the amount of weight you put on them, and too much pressure can result in scratches or damaged pixels. And those are expensive or impossible to fix. You can avoid these problems with the right cleaning supplies.

Keep it Simple

The easiest way to ensure you’re cleaning your phone properly and not damaging it is to use a product that is specifically designed with these goals in mind. Wireless Wipes are a perfect option because they’re easy to store in your pocket or purse, and you can keep extra on hand at home or at work. These wipes are non-abrasive and non-streaking. They were designed specifically for cleaning glass and electronic devices without danger. You can use the on your smartphone, computers, cameras, TVs, and other common electronic devices. Not only will they get rid of the physical dirt and fingerprints but, more importantly, they will remove germs with ease. They also come in delicious fragrances like Green Tea Cucumber, Pomegranate Citrus, and Rosemary Peppermint, so it’s really a joy to clean your phone!

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Once is Never Enough

Your phone is going to require cleaning throughout its life. Maintaining a clear visual display on your phone is one thing (oil and fingerprints can build up quickly with lots of use). This is what usually prompts people to want to clean their phone, since it provides visible feedback of how dirty a phone might be. 

The other big reason to clean your phone, of course, is because of all the unseen bacteria. Remember to schedule regular cleanings, and clean your phone more often if you or the people around you are sick. On days that you find yourself going out to use more public venues like restaurants and shops, remember to clean your cell phone to prevent bacteria from transferring to other surfaces in your home, car, or purse. It’s nice to have a small pack of wipes on hand for these scenarios.

So how often should you really clean your phone? That’s up to you. We recommend once per day, but that can also depend on how often you touch your phone or put it down in highly trafficked areas. If you’re out in dirty public places, cleaning your phone and hands after leaving those areas is an especially smart idea. If you’ve never cleaned your phone before, even intermittent cleanings will greatly reduce your exposure to bacteria.

Keep it Clean

There are lots of ways you can limit the amount of bacteria that gets on your cell phone. A few things you can do:

  • Wash your hands regularly.
  • Don’t set your phone down on public surfaces.
  • Clean your purse or wherever you commonly store your phone.
  • Sanitize the surfaces in your home and office. 

Of course, it’s not possible to completely avoid germs and bacteria on your hands or phone. That’s why simple solutions like Wireless Wipes are made to be convenient and easy to use. So you don’t have to be a germophobe. Just keep some Wireless Wipes on hand so you can be confident that your phone is clean enough to put near that beautiful face of yours.