How to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies – Part 2

Next time you think you need to run to the store to purchase house cleaning supplies, think again. You might have the perfect home cleaning product in your house already! Read our list below to see if you can save yourself a trip to the store by using some of these house cleaning tips with household products you already have! These tricks can save you time and money on home cleaner supplies and house cleaning services.

House Cleaning Supplies: 

PaintbrushHow to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies

Dry paintbrushes are great for cleaning surfaces with grooves. If you have dusty collectibles and photo frames sitting on your shelves, choose a brush with 3-inch long bristles and use it to reach the nook and crannies in your frames, ceramics, and collectibles. Pastry brushes are perfect for little corners and small dips in frames and delicate collectibles.

White gloves

To clean venetian blinds or mini blinds, use a pair of white gloves dipped into cleaning solution. We recommend a solution of equal parts of white vinegar and warm water (from the tap is fine). With the damp glove, wipe your hands or fingers across each side of every slat of blinds. As the gloves get dirty, simply rinse and continue.

Lint roller brush

Lint rollers with disposable sheets are great for removing dust bunnies and pet hair from lamp shades, plant leaves, and indoor and outdoor furniture.

RiceHow to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies

Narrow vases can be hard to clean, but this trick using rice makes it easy. Simply pour a couple spoonfuls of rice into the narrow vase and add half a cup of water. Swish around the mixture in the vase, cover the mouth of the vase with your hand, shake, then rinse. Leave the vase upside down on a towel to dry before you store it in a cabinet.

Lemon juice and baking powder

Shower curtains and tiles tend to grow mold or mildew. One of the best natural homemade solutions to combat this is by creating a paste from equal amounts of lemon juice and baking powder. Mix the two household ingredients together and spread it onto your shower curtains or tiles. Let it sit for two or three hours, and then rinse it off.

Golf club

Cobwebs and dust that are out of your normal reach can be removed easily with the extended reach of a golf club. Wrap a microfiber cloth around the head of the golf club, securing it with a rubber band. Once you’re done, remove the cloth and rinse.

BreadHow to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies

If you need to clean the surface of a painting, white bread can be used for a great cleaning trick in a pinch. Peel or cut the crust off of a slice of white bread, and squish the remaining dough into a ball in your hand. This can be used to dab the surface of a painting (don’t use this trick on antiques or valuable work. Once the dough ball is dirty, throw out and start with a new slice. If any crumbs are left behind, use a brush with soft bristles, such as a pastry brush. 


Have you ever heard of this cleaning tip before? Ketchup is a great house cleaner for shining brass. Use a dab of ketchup or Worcestershire sauce on a cloth, rub the brass item, and then rinse using water. Wipe dry with a towel to avoid water spots

White chalk

If you’re seeing rings around the neck collars of your dress shirts, use white chalk to draw over the stain. The chalk will soak up the grease. Let it sit for a few minutes, wipe off the excess chalk, and then laundry your shirt as usual. 

Tennis ball

Wipe away scuff marks on vinyl, tile, wood, and painted walls with a new tennis ball. The soft fabric of the ball is gentle enough for all of these smooth surfaces. 

Hair spray

If you have young children, keep this cleaning trick handy. If your walls are on the receiving end of a colored marker, mist the walls with hair spray and wipe it off immediately to remove stains. For crayon marks, use a toothbrush covered in toothpaste to scrub the crayon off, and then massage the area gently with a damp microfiber cloth and baking soda. This simple trick can save you money on house cleaning services! 


How to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies

Vinegar is one of the most versatile house cleaning products ever. A popular use for vinegar in home cleaning is to fill up a spray bottle with white vinegar, and use the spray on stainless steel and chrome home fixtures. Let sit, then wipe or rinse off. This easy cleaning tip will remove mildew, grime, and scum from your shower curtain, tile, or bathtub. 

Blow dryer

Delicate chandeliers can be cleaned quickly with a blow dryer set on low speed and low heat. A feather duster will also do a great job. For dirtier fixture, fill a spray bottle with one part vodka and five parts water, spray on the the fixtures, and then blow dry.

House plants

Not only are plants beautiful to see indoors, they also keep your air pure and fresh. According to studies from NASA and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, palms, ferns, mums, English ivy, and some other plants can remove up tp 87% of home air pollutants. 


How to Save Money on House Cleaning Supplies

If your comforter or slip cover become muddy, use a potato to remove the stain. Simply slice the potato in half and rub the cut side onto the stain. Next, soak the fabric of the comforter or slip in cool water to dissolve the dirt. After a few hours, throw the cover in the laundry. 

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