How to Keep Your Wireless Devices Clean

Wireless Wipes Cleaning

There are few things worse than having a big smudge of grease on your phone’s screen. Or on your tablet or computer monitor for that matter. And it seems like, when that horrific moment arises, you never have the proper cleaner on hand and you may even be forced to pull the old lick-your- thumb maneuver like your device was a dirty-faced child. Yuck. Cell phones are also notorious for carrying germs and is known to be dirtier than a public toilet, the bottom of your shoes, and your kitchen counter. So how do we keep our devices from getting to that sorry, greasy state? Here are a few tips to help you keep from cleaning your phone with your own saliva.

Start by using your phone’s hands-free capabilities as much as possible. No matter whether you fall into the “Hey Siri,” or, “OK Google,” camp, your phone can do a lot without you having to touch it. Throughout the day, even the cleanest hands pick up some grime. Just keep your sticky fingers off your phone as much as possible.

Also, don’t let your device overheat, as the heat can cause germs to grow. Bacteria loves warmth. Imagine how much it loves being in your warm, humid pocket. Ick. Keep your phone as cool and dry as possible to prevent bacteria growth and to keep grime from sticking to its surfaces.

Don’t share your phone.

Germs from Sharing Phone
Don’t be a jerk about it and say, “No, I don’t want your germs all over my stuff,” but do your best not to let people put their germs all over your stuff. If you’re in a crowd and someone needs a cell phone, look around wide-eyed and wait for someone else to offer theirs. Tell them your phone drops calls (surely it has at some point). Make something up, if you must. If you absolutely cannot get out of sharing your phone, disinfect it soon thereafter. The other person’s germs will be transferred directly from your “friend” to you via your phone’s surface unless you do something to wipe them out.

Keep some Wireless Wipes on you.

Wireless Wipes Screen Cleaner
Wireless Wipes are specifically designed for your electronic devices (and also work great on eyeglasses!). They work to disinfect the surface of your device while leaving it clean and streak-free. No matter how many preventative measures you take to keep your phone clean, it will eventually pick up some germs. Wipe it down with one of these and you’re good to go.

Cell phones are known to be pretty dirty in general, even when they look clean, because they tend to harbor germs. We lay them around on all kinds of public surfaces, allow them to collect the lint from our pockets and store them among the debris at the bottom of our purses. Then, we proceed to press them against our faces.

 Keep your cell phone clean!


Images via: wireless wipes, 123rf, siliconangle