How to Quickly Clean Your Room


Your room is supposed to be your oasis; where you can go to de-stress from your day and relax. Sometimes life gets in the way and your room ends up looking a mess which only adds to your anxieties. You might not have had time to put away clean laundry, make your bed, or dust your furniture. It can be easy to push off cleaning your room each day because of your hectic schedule, but with these tips on how to clean your room, it’ll be spotless in no time!

What You’ll Need:


  • A trash can
  • A vacuum/mop
  • Disinfectant wipes
  • A hamper
  • A bag or box for clutter items

Before You Start:

Open Windows

  • Put on your favorite tunes. Singing and bopping along to the beat will partially distract you to make the time go faster and to energize you.
  • Place your phone in another room so you can’t be distracted by texting or social media notifications.
  • Open up the blinds and windows to let some natural light and fresh air in. This can help liven up your room and give you some extra energy.
  • Plan an activity to do in your room later like inviting friends over to watch a movie or to work on a project. This can help motivate you to get and keep your room clean.
  • Avoid getting overwhelmed and losing motivation by working in smaller sections and cleaning your room more often so things don’t pile up.
  • Make a note of the biggest issues in your room and tackle them head on. You absolutely need to make room for visible floor space and rid of any used dishes or things creating an odor.

The Cleaning:

Cleaning Room

  • Throw away any pieces of garbage (tissues, old food, empty water bottles, etc.) and put dirty dishes in your sink. This will clear up some much needed space.
  • Make the bed. It only takes a minute to pull up the sheets, place the duvet on top, and throw on your pillows. It will automatically make your room seem 10 times cleaner. You now have some extra space to put things while organizing your room.
  • Any clothes and shoes that are sprawled out around your room should be sorted. Everything that’s dirty can be thrown into your hamper. Now that you’ve made your bed, you have extra room to place clean clothes in a neat pile if you don’t have time at the moment to sort and fold them. Either place your shoes neatly at the bottom of your closet or into a storage bin. If you come across any clothes you no longer want or need, grab a garbage bag and donate them to charity. Use a hanger to store belts, ties, and handbags in your closet so you don’t have to worry about tripping over them.
  • If you have any flyers, papers, magazines, etc. all over the place, grab each of them in no specific order and make a neat pile to place on your desk or dresser. You can organize them later but at least you will know where all of your important documents are. If you don’t have time to go through the papers or are often receiving new documents, place them all neatly into a folder so they are concealed and safe.
  • Organize any clutter around the room and make sure your belongings look orderly. A good idea is to invest in storage boxes so you can throw miscellaneous items in instead of throwing them on your floor or around the room. Make sure everything has a place by labeling boxes/areas so you will always know where to put and find your belongings.
  • Keep small important items together in a box so you know where they are when you have more time to sort through and organize them.
  • Make a pile of everything in your room that doesn’t belong there. Place them in a bag or box and worry about where to put them after you’re completely done cleaning.
  • With a disinfectant cloth like Wireless Wipes, dust off surfaces like your dresser, headboard, desk, night table, television, computer screen, etc.
  • If there is a small rug in your room, shake it out to remove excess dirt and to give it some fresh air.
  • Vacuum or mop: It’s important that you get underneath your furniture and all of the corners and edges of the room to the best of your ability.

Now That You’ve Tackled the Big Stuff:

Organized Room

  • You can finally see your floor! With the steps above, you’ve made some great accomplishments, but remember: the stuff you placed into boxes and bags (like garbage, things that don’t belong in your room, clothes for charity, all of your papers, dirty laundry, miscellaneous items placed together) all need to be cleaned and organized at some point to prevent things getting piled up all over again. At another time, sort through these things one by one.
  • After your dirty laundry has been cleaned, make your room smell nice with an air freshener, candles, or incense. This adds a nice touch to have your room be a friendly and inviting space.
  • If you’re bored with your room and need to spice things up, try rearranging the furniture, re-decorating, or getting a new bedspread. This will have you feeling fresh, accomplished, and motivated to keep your new digs looking organized.
  • Make a habit to not eat in your bedroom. This will help keep your room free of crumbs and old food and could get you to clean up after yourself in the kitchen/dining room as soon as you’ve finished eating.

Thumbs Up gif

This list may sound daunting but in shouldn’t take you more than 30-45 minutes to sort through your belongings, even if they are that bad. Just stay relaxed and motivated to knock out the big cleaning issues all at once. Now that your room is in decent shape, continue to maintain its cleanliness for a few minutes each day so you won’t have to worry about big messes piling up again.


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