Trends that are affecting the cleaning industry

Although cleaning is a chore for most of us, it’s essential for the hygiene of our surroundings, which in turn contributes to our overall well-being. The cleaning industry is expanding to constantly come out with new products in support of our changing world and technological advances. We are all consumers driving the economy, always thirsty for easier solutions to fit as much as we can into one day. Even though cleaning isn’t the most exciting activity, it can be satisfying to purchase a cleaning product that will positively affect our belongings and environment. It’s clear that no matter what the future holds for our economy, the basics of good business and cleaning processes will always be important elements for everyone. Here is a list of six key factors that are having rising effects on the cleaning industry.

1. Cleaning for Health

cleaning for health

With new global pandemics always causing havoc like the swine flu, Ebola, and the H1N1 virus, consumers and governments are trying all they can to keep their homes, workspaces, and public areas sanitized. This makes it essential for cleaning products to be held to the highest standard at the front line of the battle against dangerous germs. Because chemicals and drugs don’t affect many diseases, there has been a rise in the prevention instead of the cure of illnesses. By promoting cleanliness to prevent germs before they’re actually present, both the public and the cleaning industry will benefit. Rising standards from bigger organizations like the Worldwide Cleaning Association will make it a necessity for cleaning companies to produce the highest quality products, improve health conditions, and to overall positively contribute to keep the world around us clean and livable.

2. Performance

Because cleaning is time consuming and isn't particularly enjoyable, it’s important that cleaning products perform well in a short amount of time. The general public would much rather pay a little more for a product that does the job the first time then pay less for a product that needs to be used over and over again, wasting money in the long run. Products that can combine efficiency with innovation have an advantage in the marketplace. If it does something a handful of other products are already successful with, it won’t go far. Consumers are increasingly leading busier lives, so products that can clean an area faster are rising in popularity. Items like Wireless Wipes are gaining praise because of their simple and disposable nature with packaging innovations like re-sealable pouches. Products that serve more than one feature such as getting something clean while being inexpensive with the ability to be stored easily, are successful as a result of their convenient nature. Individuality paired with good performance is what helps cleaning products rise up in the cleaning industry.

3. Environmental Awareness

environmental awareness

With rising awareness of how much we leave behind that negatively effects our environment, cleaning businesses now need to consider every aspect of production, use, and disposal of their product. It’s crucial for them to notice how their product will effect energy and water consumption while minimizing impact on the environment. Even if consumers cannot see the effects of what they use, it’s important for the earth and will make the consumer feel better about their environmental footprint when using an eco-friendly product that's company has considered how it will be used and recycled to have our planet last as long as possible.

4. Cost-Effectiveness

cost effective

It’s essential that a product is cost-effective in any market. While browsing the aisles or looking online, some only look at the price tags and will trust the product to do what it says. Being one of the least expensive products to do the job well will give it a leg up in the industry while attracting more customers. Minimizing costs by using less fancy ingredients to achieve the same level of cleanliness will reduce the cost to customers while growing a useful brand that provides expected high performance.

5. Packaging, Aesthetics, and Fragrance

Even with elements like environmental sustainability, cost effectiveness, and performance abilities, a cleaning product needs to look nice. As more companies come into play, it’s important for a product to stand out on a crowded shelf. Factors like fragrance and attractive designs can help sway buyer’s quick purchasing decisions when they can’t test out the product in the store or online before they buy. Packaging should list the product’s best features to showcase its efficiency and productivity to promote perceived performance. Some people love how their surfaces smell after using a certain brand of cleaning products, which connects a pleasant fragrance to cleanliness. The whole package is important for a cleaning product to grow in the industry because consumers aren’t afraid to voice their honest opinions to their friends and online.

6. New Technologies

new technologies

Rises in technological advances don’t just change the ways we communicate and work; they also affect the ways we live day by day, which includes how we clean. When the Roomba vacuum came out years ago, it felt like we were living in a world out of The Jetson’s. Today, cleaning robots have grown to be the norm for cleaning public restrooms, vacuuming the floors in our homes, and more. Different types of hands-free objects and tools make it easier for the consumer to distance themselves from a mess or germs. This provides convenience to those who lead busy lives or who want to avoid getting down and dirty with their household cleaning. Now, we are living in a world with self-cleaning toilets, no-touch soap dispensers, and a rise in communication between consumers and cleaning companies. Gone are the days where customers would have to mail in a question or concern. Many businesses have representatives ready to answer phone calls at all hours of the day and/or have online outlets such as emailing and texting to provide support instead of having the customer travel all the way back to the store.

Things are looking up for members of the cleaning industry if they are able to act fluidly and provide useful products to the general public in an ever-changing society. From innovative marketing to renewable cleaning methods, cleaning professionals will stay busy by releasing new items via well-versed breakthroughs and new techniques.



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