How to Smell Good All Day Long

Every morning you wake up, shower, put on deodorant, and go about your day, but as your day goes on you realize your once fresh scent has faded. You might begin to sweat and release some funky odors. There’s no need to live your life omitting weird smells when there are easy DIY tips to help keep you smelling great all day long. A lot of factors come into play when you’re trying to smell your best, so this guide will show you how to smell good so you can be ready and confident for the day ahead.

Maintain Good Hygiene



This step is absolutely essential to making sure you always smell good. Shower every day and wash your hair regularly. When you’re showering, scrub away any dirt and sweat with a washcloth or loofah. If you have sensitive skin, avoid soaps with perfumes or antibacterial ingredients because this can cause your skin to become irritated. Make sure to get behind your ears, the back of your neck, your inner thighs, and armpits to cleanse all of the places you typically sweat. Many people forget to clean their feet and in between their toes because they believe the soap that washes off your body does the job, but it’s important to scrub your feet separately and to dry them with a towel thoroughly after you’re done showering. Apply a natural deodorant and antiperspirant to keep you dry all day long.

Have a Clean Diet

Clean Eating

We all know meals full of spices, garlic, and onion can have you reaching for a mint, but what you eat also comes out through your pores for up to two days. Lurk Natural Fragrances Founder, Anne Sanford states, “Food affects not only your own natural body odor, but also how perfume reacts with and develops on your skin.” She also notes that alcohol has the same affect as food, meaning you could be giving out a sticky odor the morning after a long night out. To keep your body smelling great and running clean, stick to eating a lot of fruits, vegetables and clean protein like nuts and chicken.

Stay Hydrated; Inside and Out

Drinking Water

In addition to your clean diet, drink copious glasses of water throughout the day to improve your health while keeping your skin looking great. Drinking water can help with dry skin, acne, and wrinkles. When your skin is hydrated, good scents from your lotions or perfumes will last longer because they have something to adhere to.

Wash Your Clothes

Washing Machine

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important to wash your garments after wearing them more than twice. You might think that just because your clothing doesn’t have any visible dirt or stains mean that they’re clean, but your sweat and oils come into contact with and get embedded in your clothes every day. Your detergent doesn’t need to include added fragrances, but it should be odor eliminating to have your clothes smelling fresh.

Keep Your Shoes Clean

Dirty Shoes

Shoes are smelly to begin with, especially when you don't wear socks or use them for working out. Before your new shoes have the chance to get stinky, remember to never put dirty feet into clean shoes. Always clean your feet and wear clean socks. Try to not wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row so that your shoes can air out. Take off your shoes as soon as you’re home so they have time to breathe, which will prevent bacteria from growing inside of moist leather or fabric. If you wash your shoes in the washing machine and want them to dry faster, try to keep the shoe laces on the outside of your dryer to avoid loud sneaker-banging or invest in a sneaker dryer bag. You can also use special inner soles in your shoes that can be removed and washed separately from the entire shoe when they become smelly. To keep your shoes smelling good in between washes, put talcum powder in them or keep a travel antifungal foot spray in your bag. 

Use a Body Lotion/Spray Combo

Body Lotion and Spray

Instead of overdoing your perfume or cologne in the morning, start the day off with a light fragrant moisturizer. No one has to choke on your scent, which will keep your coworkers happy. Then, throughout the day as you need a little freshening up, lightly apply a body mist or perfume to your moisturized skin. Since scent rises from the bottom up, specifically spray on areas that are warmest like the small of your back, your stomach, the back of your neck, and the ankles. Remember to spray at least one foot away from your body so the scent has time to settle and not suffocate everyone around you.

*A tip to make fragrance last longer is to rub a little vitamin E on your skin before you lotion up or spray your perfume or cologne. This will lock in the scents without interfering with them.  

Fresh Linens

If you crawl into bed after a long day and don’t shower at night, your bed could be harboring the scents of whatever you crossed paths with. Invest in a pillow and sheet spray to have your bed smelling great in between washing your linens. You should also spray your closet often to neutralize odors or place an herbal sachet in your drawers to give your clothes an extra boost of fresh scents as they sit in your dresser. Also see how to make your house smell good naturally.

Ensure Fresh Breath

Fresh Breath

To keep your breath smelling fresh all day long, brush your teeth twice a day if not after every meal. Also, brush your tongue to get rid of any residual odors that can cause bad breath. Floss daily to remove bits of food and bacteria that can be hidden. Avoid mouthwashes that contain alcohol, which can dry out your mouth and minimize your salivary flow, which could ultimately lead to dry mouth that causes bad breath. If your mouth tends to be dry no matter what you do, chew on some gum. Gum with xylitol stimulates your salivary glands while giving you fresher breath. Of course if the problem persists, talk to your dentist. 

With these tips you should never have to worry again about smelling bad. Just remember to be diligent with your personal hygiene and keep your belongings smelling fresh. You can now tackle any situation life may throw at you without a sweat. 




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